Dexter Price is an entrepreneur from a small town (Aiken,SC) who enjoys connecting with people, sharing ideas, and tangible outcomes. He is a self taught business person who has learned from experience and how to capitalize on situations by understanding the power of trial and error. He is said to be a risk taker but believes he has learned to measure each endeavor in the amount of value it will bring to others.


He is a true example of “whatever you put in, you will get out” and that the only way to make things happen is by working hard and never giving up.

A word from Dexter Price

My mission is to connect, inspire, and empower. I hope my story and my legacy, is one that will add to yours. I truly believe many people can do far more good for this world than any individual, and that if we come together, anything is possible.

Dexter Price

Risk Taker/ Millennial Entrepreneur/ American Businessman